TSA using less invasive pat-downs for children

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The TSA is making some cutbacks. Pat downs will soon be less intrusive for children after public outrage over a six year old girl was seen being patted down. Last month a little girl was stopped by security at a New Orleans airport. Who could forget the video? TSA officials are seen patting down that six year old as she went through airport security. It's situations like this that has sparked controversy causing TSA officials to change their procedures a bit.

"It makes me think you're clueless that you think she's going to attack our country and that you're not doing your research on who's going to attack our country," said Senator Rand Paul.

After the public outcry TSA officials are now working on a modified pat down and prescreening for young children. But the problem comes when young children move during the body scan causing a blurry image.

"Maybe you can have the parent that there with them you know?" asked parent Debora Shaw. "Have the parent stand there with them and make that a requirement."

Shaw and her young son Malik had their own suggestions on how to properly screen young children. They and other parents we spoke with told us how young they thought was too young for a child to be patted down.

"11 and under," said Shaw. "11 and under. It's too young."

"The child is standing there going what am I doing?" added Willie D'Angelo-Horvath.

"To me that's your property," said Shaw's son Malik. "Other people shouldn't be touching it."

The new pat down procedures for young children will not be eliminated. TSA officials just plan to reduce it using a less invasive version. TSA officials explained that terrorists in other countries have used children as young as ten as a suicide bomber. They do admit though they need to use common sense.

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