Louisa Animal Shelter parvo-free after quarantine

LOUISA, VA (WWBT) – If you're looking for a dog, Louisa County wants you to adopt one from its animal shelter. All of them tested negative for parvo. And today, as it reopens, employees are taking some new steps to make sure parvo doesn't come back in.

Wash your hands before you leave the room and dunk your feet in disinfectant.

"We took the precautionary step to ensure that there wasn't going to be a parvo outbreak," said Kevin Linhares who runs the Louisa County Animal Shelter.

For 10 days, Kevin Linhares and his team scrubbed with bleach cleaning every shelter surface. All dogs were tested for parvo and given a vaccine. Today, each one has a clean bill of health.

"Shelters from time-to-time, as well as veterinarians and many other facilities that house animals, will get parvo," he said.

Although it was never confirmed if parvo was in the shelter, three dogs adopted from here, did die of parvo. Four other adopted dogs also died, but we don't know if it was because of the deadly virus.

"Parvo lives on surfaces. It can live on your shoes. It can live on your clothes," Linhares explained.

As the steps to sterilize the shelter continue, Kevin works to find these dogs a good home. For 10 days not one dog was able to leave.

Louisa County spent about $400 on additional parvo test kits and another $300 on cleaning supplies. The people who adopted the sick puppies either received a refund or adopted another pet. Click here to check out the other animals that still need homes.

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