New fee at DMV

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The DMV hopes to make your trip a little quicker - by charging you more money. Beginning July 1, it'll cost $5 more to renew your driver's license in person instead of online, over the phone or by mail. Five dollars might not be a lot of money, but DMV hopes it'll be enough to make you stay at home and cut down on those seemingly endless waits at the DMV.

Even if you were allowed to smile in your driver's license photo, most people probably wouldn't after waiting in line at the DMV.

"Coming into DMV can be a nightmare anyway," said John McCormack, one of many people that had to sit and wait at the DMV Tuesday. "If you come to DMV you already know it's going to be a couple hours wait."

McCormack says paying less money to not make the trip is a no-brainer.

"It's actually cutting costs for them," he said. "Everything is about cutting costs today, the way the economy is. Everything is going to come with a price so I think it's a great idea."

Melanie Stokes from the DMV hopes this will be a win-win for everyone - saving time and money.

"Hopefully this will help cut down on that wait and encourage people to go online and save the Commonwealth and everybody money, and make it more convenient to come to DMV," she said.

You will still have to come to the DMV under the new law. If you need a new driver's license photo, you'll have to do it in person, but it won't cost you any extra.

James Holmes sees the new fee differently. He says he's not the most computer savvy person. He would rather pay the extra $5 to renew his license in person and know it's done right.

"It'd be a pain for me online because I don't know what I'm doing," Holmes said. "If I get it all messed up, I still won't get my stuff but come here and wait and get my stuff, I know I got it right and go on."

Most say they'd rather take the money.

"Especially with the gas prices the way they is today, five dollars is five dollars," McCormack said.

You also won't be charged if you have several items of business at the DMV, so if you need to title a new car and renew your license, you won't be hit with the new five dollar fee.

The state started charging $5 extra to renew your license plates in person a few years ago as well.

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