Carjackers sentenced in federal court

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A federal judge throws the book at two men involved in a terrifying carjacking turned abduction and robbery in Richmond.

The judge told the carjackers their crime spree was absolutely a nightmare for the victim. He sentenced them each to more than 43 years in prison.

The victim in this case, told the judge he can't sleep at night, he's constantly looking over his shoulder, and sudden noises make him jump out of his skin. He says his life will never be the same after three men in masks, carrying a sawed off shotgun forced him back inside his car as he was walking up to his front door.

The victim was forced back into his own car in a quiet Forest Hill neighborhood by Keshawn Hill, Larry Burleigh and a juvenile. They took him to two Wachovias. He withdrew $500. Then he was taken to the BB&T on Wamsley. He'd reached his limit and the bank wouldn't let him take out any more money, but the carjacking continued.

Burleigh took the victim by gunpoint into a 711 on Broad Rock Boulevard. Again he could not get them any more money.

He was in the car for more than two hours. He was punched, his life threatened, the life of his family. And at one point they shoved the sawed off shotgun in his mouth so hard, he thought his teeth would break.

The victim was finally released near Martin Luther King Middle School. He walked to a VCU call box for help.

Hill and Burleigh were picked up that night in the victim's car after a short police chase.

Burleigh had only been out of jail 27 days. He's lead police on a chase before. In 2009, he smashed his car near the Chippenham Parkway in Chesterfield. He served 6 months for eluding police.

Judge Henry Hudson said he considered giving both men life in prison for this crime. He settled on 43 years and 3 months for 19-year-old Keshawn Hill. He sentenced 24-year-old Larry Burleigh to 45 years, 4 months. Both men apologized to the victim in court this afternoon.

A third defendant in this case, who was not yet 18 at the time of the crime is fighting the charges. A trial is scheduled for this August.

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