Virginia Dept. of Social Services investigates daycare

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – The Virginia Department of Social Services has now launched a major investigation into a daycare center in Henrico after a 3-year-old boy was left alone at a park.

Two daycare workers, 33-year-old Niesha Cannon and 19-year-old Keona Camper were in court today, each charged with one count of misdemeanor "child neglect".

Cannon and Camper were ordered by the judge not to be alone with any children under the age of 18 in a supervisor position. Their trial date was set for September 8. The women were released on summons Thursday night so there was no bond issue.

Daycare co-owner, Anthony Hammond, started this business almost 4 years ago. He says both Niesha Cannon and Keona Camper worked for the daycare for years.

"It was a big mishap, and unfortunately it happened but we going to do our own investigating too so to make sure it never happens again because these people are children that we're dealing with," said Hammond.

Our cameras were there as the 3-year-old was reunited to his grandmother nearly three hours after he was found alone at Robinson Park in Henrico. Now, "Korrine N Friends Child Development Center" is under a lot of heat especially from Social Services for leaving a child behind after a day trip to the park.

"If a child is left unattended at a location, that would be something we would consider a high risk allegation which could result in a high risk violation," said Jeffery Williams with Social Services.

We did our own investigation and found "Korrine N Friends" carries many other violations with Social Services, including wrong mattress size in cribs, not enough activities, dirty diaper cleaning stations, and inadequate staff to child ratio at times.

Hammond says he didn't even know some of these violations were regulated.

"Anything. We correct problems. Correct problems make sure it never happens again," he said.

Social Services say some of the violations aren't that big of a deal...

"Just because there might be 4 violations doesn't mean this is a bad facility," Williams said.

But, in this case once the results of the child abandonment investigation conclude Social Services has the power to revoke the license and shut the day care down. The investigation should wrap up in about a month.

If you want to know more about a daycare center and the results of its inspections -- visit the Department of Social Services website.

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