Politifact Virginia: Are buses the safest?, ABA claim is ruled "half true"

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The bus accident on I-95 that killed four people is shining a bright light on the motor coach industry. This week industry leaders were on Capitol Hill. Several have been spinning the case that bus travel is very safe.

"They do it with a stellar safety record, a safety record that exceeds that of any other commercial mode or surface transportation mode," said Peter Pantuso.

Peter Pantuso is the head lobbyist for the American Bus Association. He claims that bus travel is safer than any other mode of type of transportation. According to the reporters of Politifact Virginia that statement is "half true".

Politifact found airline travel is the safest with 0.003 of a death per 100 million miles traveled. Commercial bus travel is second with 0.05 of a death. Trains aren't far behind at 0.06. And automobiles are far and away the most dangerous at 0.61.

So buses might be the safest on the road but they can't compete with the skies. According to Jacob Geiger that makes Pantuso's claim "half true"

"So we did decide that buses are the safest form of surface transportation, but as we said, planes are the safest form of commercial transportation," said Jacob Geiger with the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

And you can see the full details behind this report on PolitifactVirginia.com and in this weekend's Richmond Times-Dispatch.  You can also see each www.PolitifactVirginia report on www.DecisionVirginia.com.

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