Identity thieves victimize job seekers

Press release from Louisa Commonwealth's Attorney

LOUISA, VA - Louisa Commonwealth's Attorney Tom Garrett announced a new spin on an old internet scam.  According to the United States Department of Labor unemployment is at 9.1 percent nationally and 6.1 percent in Virginia. Those who seek to exploit others will use any opportunity to exploit those most vulnerable.

We recently received an e-mail seeking an employee to represent a Chinese business in the United States.  The e-mail asks you to go to a website to fill out personal identifying information.  Most would pause before sending information but with the stress of needing employment some will apply and find themselves in greater financial trouble.

When we attempted to contact the owner of the website and e-mail we found the same dead ends that we find with other phishing and vishing scams where identity thieves attempt to seize and exploit your personal identifying information.

Phising is the term used to describe e-mails sent in bulk to unknowing citizens presenting a compelling need for the receiver of the e-mail to respond.  The scammers pose as legitimate banks, law enforcement, popular websites and now as those seeking to employ you.

On speaking of the new spin on this fraudulent trickery Garrett said "every day these identity thieves go to new levels to exploit others.  How they can prey on those most vulnerable is beyond comprehension.  I hope this alert will put job seekers on notice so they do not become victims of these scams.

Consumers should report such activities of companies making these offers but are engaged in fraudulent activity to the Office of Consumer Affairs at 1-800-552-9963 or