Crime alert: Window smashing thieves in north Richmond

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- Richmond Police are investigating several car break-in's on the North side of Richmond. Thieves are smashing windows and stealing stuff out of the cars.

The sign of the crime still scattered about on the road: shattered glass. Some of it from Stacy Collins SUV. "It's crazy! I simply don't understand it."

Neither do the dozen or so other victims as well. "I saw all of the glass shattered. I didn't know what to think. I realized it was nothing personal because my neighbors window was smashed as well," Collins said.

For the last several nights, Richmond Police are telling us that people are smashing car windows.

"People have nothing better to do than vandalize possessions that they work hard for," Stacy said.

Those thieves are also rummaging through the cars. Luckily, Stacy didn't have much stolen. But others are not so lucky. These car thieves are running off with big items, like laptops, GPS devices and even a stun gun.

That stun gun stolen, came as a major surprise to Thomas Jones who lives near all the break-ins. "Oh yea? I didn't know people had stun guns. Oh yea? Now, you got me worrying now."

Here's a closer look at where these crimes are happening. The crooks are targeting cars on and around Chamberlayne Avenue, like along Avondale and West Laburnum. The exact block numbers are 1300 West Laburnum, 1200 Avondale, 3300 Barton, 2800 Montrose, 1500 Greycourt, 3500 Chamberlayne and a few others.

The thieves are also taking advantage of people who left their cars unlocked.

"Don't take it out on someone else. We are all suffering like everyone else," adds Stacy.

Now he's suffering through the bills of having to pay for a new car window and making sure his neighbors know to be on the lookout!

If you have any information about these car break-ins, give Crime Stoppers a call at 780-1000.

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