Day care workers accused of leaving child behind on field trip

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – Two day care workers are facing child neglect charges after leaving a 3-year-old at a park Thursday afternoon. It started a frantic search for his parents. Now 33-year-old Neisha Cannon and 19-year-old Keona Camper are in trouble.

Both women appeared in a Henrico court Friday for arraignment.  Cannon and Camper were ordered by the judge not to be alone with any children under the age of 18 in a supervisor position.  Their trial date was set for September 8. The women were released on summons Thursday night so there was no bond issue.

Both work for the Korrine N Friends Child Development Center. The employees told us it was a mix up in the number of students that were actually on that field trip. Thankfully the boy was not hurt and they'll be open for business tomorrow.

Those day care workers however will not be working. One by one parents at the Korrine N Friends Child Development Center picked up their children Thursday night. Most didn't have much to say about the earlier field trip mishap that left one child alone at Robinson Park.

"Does that concern you at all?" asked NBC12's Evrod Cassimy.

"Yeah it does!" replied one parent.

"Do you feel safe having your child at this day care?" Cassimy asked.

"Yes!" added another.

Our cameras were there as the 3-year-old was reunited with his grandmother nearly three hours after he was found alone. Employees at the day care are still figuring out how this could have happened.

"I wasn't here. I don't know," said one day care employee. "I understand what went on was a mishap but I mean, right now is not a good time for no one, for real."

The owner's husband told NBC12 that a parent brought their child to the park. That child was unaccounted for and the two teachers left with the same numbers of students they came to the park with, accidentally leaving one extra child behind. The day care owner's husband did not want to talk to us on camera. He did tell us the two employees charged in this case will not be back at work until this whole case is resolved.

"No! I ain't got nothing to do with that. I ain't got nothing to do with that!" yelled one parent leaving the day care.

And while most of the people we tried to speak with kept quiet about the incident, one parent defended the day care.

"It happens! It happens! Mistakes happen. Come on y'all!" said one father.

But admitted the situation is concerning.

"It's not right," he added. "I mean that's their job; to put in someone's hands that we pay to take care of our problems while we take care of our money, to take care of our bills."

The owner's husband told us they've never had an incident like this happen at the day care before. Again that little boy is doing just fine.

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