Driver denied bond, wife talks about case

CAROLINE, VA (WWBT) – Kin Yiu Cheung was denied bond today during a hearing in Caroline County. Cheung was at the wheel of this bus when it went off the road and overturned on Interstate 95 on May 31st. Four women were killed...dozens of people were injured.

Cheung is charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. He admits to dozing off just before the bus left the road. For the first time since the accident, his wife spoke out about the impact of the accident on her family, and delivered a heart-felt message for the victims.

She's been driving back and forth from Queens, New York to Caroline County for every one of her husband's court appearances. The wife of Kin Yiu Cheung thought she'd walk out of the courthouse with her husband today. But he was denied bond.

Understandably saddened, her face swollen by tears, Qun Lin talked about the crash through a court-appointed translator.

"Both of us are deeply sorry of the life that's lost," said Qun Lin. "I would rather that my husband died or hurt instead of the other passengers hurt or died. It's a tragedy."

She's now lying to her two young children, telling them their 37-year-old father is away at work.

"He's a very nice person. He's a very nice father. And he loves his children," she said.

Kin Yiu Cheung was willing to stop driving buses, give up his U.S. passport, and live with family in northern Virginia-- if a judge granted him bond. But prosecutors convinced the judge, the Sky Express bus driver is a flight risk.

Court documents show the Hong Kong native was listing two addresses in New York, one in Flushing the other in Elmhurst. Federal investigators found Cheung never lived in Flushing. And with no proof Cheung gave up his Chinese passport, prosecutors said he couldn't be trusted. But his wife disagrees.

"If he was the type of person that was going to flee the country or fly, he would have done it already," Qun Lin said.

Kin Yiu Cheung will be back in court on July 6th. That's when they will set his trial date and decide if a jury will hear this case. Cheung faces a maximum of 40 years in prison if convicted on all four counts of involuntary manslaughter. He has no prior criminal record.

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