Spotsylvania man killed by dog, neighbors in shock

SPOTSYLVANIA, VA (WWBT) - A bizarre and gruesome death in Spotsylvania County where authorities said a man was killed by a dog, believed to be his own pet pit bull. Neighbors don't believe it!

It happened Saturday at a town home on Olde Greenwich Drive. Late Tuesday, the Medical Examiner's office here in Richmond revealed its shocking results.

Neighbors said 38-year-old David Haigler raised two pit bulls from when they were puppies. An autopsy shows a dog is responsible for Haigler's death.

One neighbor said she caught a glimpse of a gruesome scene inside Haigler's town home. She said a blood stain on the living room carpet was about three feet wide and six feet long.

"It is definitely shocking. I've seen both the dogs. I've interacted with both the dogs, and they did not seem in any way aggressive," said one neighbor.

Another neighbor, Frank Collins, is just as shocked.

"What I'm curious to know is what triggered the dog to do that," said Collins.

The Spotsylvania Sheriff's office hasn't returned our calls. But according to published reports, Haigler's teenage son discovered his body Saturday evening.

Early that same morning, Collins said neighbors heard Haigler's dogs barking.

"Maybe that was when the attack was going on," said Collins.

Deputies were met by two aggressive pit bulls. Collins said Haigler's dogs mostly stayed indoors or in cages in the back yard.

"I've seen him walk them before. They were really big dogs. Their head had to be as big as a five gallon bucket; big, monster pit bulls," said Collins.

According to the medical examiner's report, Haigler had paw marks on his body and evidence of defensive wounds on his fingers and hands. The report revealed the dog deputies spotted roaming freely in Haigler's house was responsible.

Haigler, a convicted felon, was reportedly nursing a dog bite from a week ago.

"Just pray for the family and hopefully they've got the support they need behind them to get them through this," said Collins.

The sheriff's office is still awaiting results of a toxicology screening on Haigler. Spotsylvania Animal Control reportedly has custody of the dogs.

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