Suspect caught with stolen items

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – An alleged thief is caught red handed by police after they say he stole personal items from a car in his Chesterfield neighborhood. It happened this past Sunday just after midnight on the 4800 block of Castlewood Road.

Police say a witness saw Jared Bright pulling car door handles in his neighborhood and called 911. The 35-year-old was found with stolen items but tonight he says he didn't commit a crime.

Most of the people in one Chesterfield County neighborhood had seen his face before. 35-year-old Jared Bright, or "Uno" as he's called, is facing grand larceny charges for allegedly breaking into his neighbors cars and stealing items from inside.

"It surprised me but I never knew that he stole," said neighbor, James Jordon.

"They try to break into cars, next thing it may be the house," said neighbor, Rosa Arevalo.

These two neighbors are thankful their cars were not broken into that Sunday night. Police tell us they caught Bright with stolen items. We went to his house for an explanation.

"Is this his mug shot?" asked NBC12's Evrod Cassimy.

His grandmother, who bailed him out of jail for the second time this weekend, maintains his innocence.

"He said he didn't do it and he usually don't lie to me," said Mary Bright.

She even let us speak to him by phone.

"Did you break into that car then?" asked NBC12's Evrod Cassimy.

"No," said Jared Bright.

"How did you get inside?" asked Cassimy.

"It was unlocked," answered Bright.

Bright went on to explain that he has a drinking problem and that he was heavily intoxicated the night he was arrested. Because the car doors were unlocked he disagrees with the charges.

"It makes me mad really but what can you do," said Jordon. "Thieves are going to go where the stuff is."

Back down the street neighbors are just glad police have someone in custody, even if it's someone they thought they knew.

"I don't really wanna say anything to him," said Jordon. "I'm ashamed of you boy!"

The victim of the car break-ins says the suspect stole a cell phone and some loose change. Bright says the reason why he entered the unlocked cars that night is a blur.

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