Petitions for Workers' Comp changes

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – When we caught up with Nurse Jocelyn Perkins, more than 400 people had added their name to a growing list of Virginians concerned about bed bugs and the costs to kill them.

Jocelyn adamantly believes she transported bed bugs home from her nursing job at a Fan district retirement facility. It angers her that while her boss has empathy, there's no compensation for the furniture she's thrown away or exterminating costs.

"As of right now, I had to pay $5,000 out of my pocket to get rid of bed bugs that I got from a patient's house and it's not covered under workman's comp," Jocelyn said.

Richmond's recent ranking as 14th in the nation for bed bug infestation has her worried about a possible epidemic.

"We want to protect the community and ourselves. So, if we're out in the community and we have bed bugs, we're taking them everywhere else, making things worse. And not only that, the patients, they don't deserve to live in that type of environment," she said.

She's talking to anyone willing to listen and sign.

She needs a certain percentage of the population or the message is lost on lawmakers.

"I'm waiting for my delegate to get back with me on what that percentage requirement would be. But, whatever it is, I'm willing to get it," Jocelyn said. "I'm trying to change the law and I need your help."

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