New audit says credit card information could be at risk

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you paid city taxes, fees, even a parking ticket with your credit card this year, your information could be at risk. In the past year, according to a new audit more than 15,000 transactions to the tune of $4 million were put at risk at City Hall.

It's the credit card verification system used by the Richmond Finance Department that's under the microscope. It's called ICVerify and according to this audit, it's not the company putting your information at risk, but the city.

After your credit card is deemed valid by ICVerify, your personal information is then manually entered by employees at city hall into another system. And that's where the risk of exposure comes in.

City auditor Umesh Dalal says those credit card numbers could easily be stolen. There's no evidence that has happened, but it's a possibility. The risk involves anyone in the city who's paid with a credit card for animal licenses, fan parking ticket decals, even parking tickets. Also, if you paid your real estate tax with a credit card number or even utility bills like water or gas.

The auditor has recommended several key changes which the city has already agreed to implement. The downside is, it's going to take a year for most of those changes to take affect, which means credit card information is still at risk.

Again, there's no evidence anyone's information has been compromised. The audit just points out the potential and lists several ways the issued could be resolved.

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