Police ask neighbors to help solve rash of home break-ins

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Some gutsy criminals are walking out of some Richmond homes in the middle of day with huge, expensive electronics. Monday night more than three dozen Richmond police officers hit the pavement to curb the crime trend in the Randolph community that is bordered by streets: S. Allen, S. Lombardy, Claiborne and Idlewood. The neighborhood is near Byrd Park.

Richmond police said the crooks will break into a house during the daytime. They are after flat-screen televisions and jewelry. But the thieves are not walking down the block with the loot. They hide it in an alley or behind bushes, and pick them up after dark.

"Just to find out if there's anything we can do to help them out with some recent burglary problems that they've had," said Lieutenant Edward Capriglione who patrols the neighborhood.

Lt. Capriglione said overall, crime is down in the community, but this rash of bold break-ins is keeping Randolph from having a clean record.

"We've made some arrests. They've tailed off, but we've had a few since June 1st that we want to get some information to the residents out," said Lt. Capriglione.

Police passed out flyers detailing four break-ins that have happened since June 1. Criminals are breaking in between 8 A.M. and 6 P.M.

"You've got a lot of residents who are seniors, this is a senior building, they're afraid and when they see police presence in the neighborhood it makes them feel good," said Carroll Hockaday, a longtime resident of Randolph.

The longtime resident snapped a photo with Richmond Police Chief Bryan Norwood while learning how to keep an eye out for guys with sticky fingers.

"We sit out on the benches, and I'm one of them, and you do have strange young men coming through the neighborhood," said Hockaday. "But never saw anybody actually going into anybody's house or anything of that nature."

But it's happening, and through teamwork Richmond police plan on making some arrests in the crimes that started in April.

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