Couple assaulted and nearly robbed at rest stop

NEW KENT, VA (WWBT) - As the summer driving season kicks into high gear, state police are warning drivers to be on the lookout after someone tried to carjack an elderly couple.

It happened at the westbound New Kent rest stop off of Interstate 64 early this morning.

Today the New Kent rest stop was full of cars and people taking a break from the road, but last night two people tried to steal the car of a good Samaritan. State police say a man pulled a gun on an elderly man traveling through the rest stop early this morning and tried to take his car.

The older man fought back and was able to escape with only minor injuries. Details of this assault and attempted carjacking can be unnerving for people that pass through the New Kent rest stop, like Schuyler Shane.

"You just always have to be on your guard. There's not a lot of people out here at night to take notice of something like that happening so if you're out here alone at 4am, you're almost better off not coming to a place like this."

Sgt. Thomas Molnar of the Virginia State Police says these two suspects took a big risk trying to steal someone's car in a well-lit area with other people around.

"It's lighted, people are around, the attendants are around, state police patrols the rest area all times."

Matthew Farley is another person that stopped at the rest area this afternoon. He says it's hard to believe someone would try to take advantage of an older couple's generosity.

"It's just such a shame because I know for a lot of us, our initial reaction when someone is in a situation like that, you initially want to help them, you want to help them out but it just goes to show how sick some people are these days."

But timing can be everything. Many drivers we spoke to today like Schuyler say they'd help out someone with car trouble, just maybe not at four in the morning.

"That definitely worries me but as far as at regular hours, well-lit areas, I generally trust someone that would come up to me like that."

Police only have a vague description of the two suspects. The male suspect fled into the nearby woods while the female suspect was last seen walking down I-64 pulling a red suitcase.

If you have any information you're asked to call State Police or the New Kent Sheriff's Office.

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