Couple claims they caught alligator in Lake Chesdin

DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) – A mother and son have quite a fish tale to tell! They say they reeled in a five to six foot alligator on Lake Chesdin! They made the catch Thursday around 6:30 on the Dinwiddie side of the lake, but it got away. Now wildlife officials are looking into it.

Wildlife officials aren't ruling it out the possibility and believe it or not, this isn't the first time they've heard about a gator in Lake Chesdin. The mother and son are 100% positive about what they saw.

"Something hit my son's pole and he just fought it for about 10 minutes or so and finally reeled it in the boat," said Laura Seabolt. "When he reeled it all the way up, he noticed it was an alligator head with the snout!"

Seabolt claims they saw a five to six foot alligator in Lake Chesdin. They immediately called wildlife officials. They've heard of alligator sightings in Chesterfield before.

"We get several of these a year typically," said wildlife official David Whitehurst. "It's illegal to have these animals and it's illegal to release them into the wild, but nevertheless people choose to have animals like this as pets."

Whitehurst has found that once a pet alligator gets too big some owners release them into the lake. Based on what Seabolt and her son claim they saw.

"It sounds like it could be an alligator," he said.

"We didn't know if it was going to jump in or knock us out the boat!" said Seabolt.

The sight scared the two enough that they dropped the rod, still attached to the gator, back into the water. Wildlife officials are now on the lookout but know that if it is in fact an alligator, this large body of water won't make it easy for them to find.

The couple is so confident what they saw was a gator they don't plan on going in that area of the lake any time soon. Wildlife officials tell us that if it is an alligator it won't survive winter here in Virginia.

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