Same brand, package and price: Big difference in content

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Frugal shoppers make what they buy last longer. One of the secrets is paying attention to what's inside the product.

Products of the same brand, that have the same packaging and the same price often have less in one than another.

Take Clorox Bleach. There are about ten types of Clorox on grocers' shelves. Most jugs are filled with 96 ounces of bleach, but not the "splashless". It weighs in at 82 ounces...15% less bleach for the same price.

While we're on laundry, there are many choices of Snuggle fabric sheets, a good price at $2.99. One box covers 80 loads using regular and "free and clear", but add a little "exhilaration" and the loads drop to 70.

There are five types of Ore-ida French Fries, all cost $3.99, but choose wisely. You'll get less if you buy the steak fries- weighing 28 ounces. Country style has a little more at 30, but the best buys are the golden, crinkle and zesties.  All contain 32 ounces of fries.

When fetching food for Fido, be on your toes. Some of the big bags of Iams contain 17 and a half pounds of dog food, but others have two pounds less. If you pooch prefers Pedigree Marrobone, look carefully at the flavor. The package and price are exactly the same, but the real beef has 26 ounces, bacon and cheese only has 24.

Small dogs usually eat less than large dogs and what you get with Milkbone treats reflects it. Medium and large dogs get 26 ounces for $4.29-small dogs get 2 ounces less for the same price.

If you're dieting, don't rely on companies to contribute to your portion control. These Fiber One bars both cost $4.29, but the 90 calorie bars are barely half the size of the regular. A knife would go a lot further.

Some of the weight variation is because of the price, of ingredients that go into the product. To always find the best deal, compare the unit prices, on the shelf tag. It's on every product in the store and breaks down the cost, per pound or ounce.

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