Hottest jobs in the heat

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - There are many tough jobs out there - roofers, mail carriers, construction workers, but certainly those who work to keep others safe from this heat like fire and EMS crews have to make sure they are safe first.

Henrico fire fighters were busy setting up giant mist fans for outdoor concertgoers this Friday night.

Many people who lined up to see The Monkees at the Innsbrook Snag a Job Pavilion, brought water, but in this kind of heat, fire and EMS crews say their job becomes tougher as they have to remind themselves to stay hydrated too.

"It's extremely important for us to take care of our personnel on days like today," said Captain Chris Buehren of Henrico Fire Department.

For them, staying alert for this type of concert is just as tough as battling a fire on a hot day. Not only is there added heat from the blaze, but their gear weighs about 40 pounds.

Some of the hottest jobs during the hottest days also include construction work. VDOT says they have more road work going on right now than they did last summer. Unfortunately for them, this is the start of their busy season, so as we saw this afternoon, they're drinking plenty of water until the work day is over.

Roofing companies adjust to the heat by starting their jobs as early as 6 a.m., so by 3 p.m., when they're exhausted under extreme heat, they're done for the day.

Mail carriers try to say hydrated as much as they can. Many of them walk for blocks and if they're not careful they can get heat exhaustion.

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