Warning about fake FBI email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A warning from the FBI-- it is not emailing you. Those phony emails claiming to be from the FBI are popping up again in the area. A viewer called 12 after he got one in his in-box. We have some warning signs in case the letter shows up in your email.

An email Carl Moses got claiming to be from the FBI got his attention.

"In my job I travel a lot out of the country, so it wasn't unrealistic for me to get correspondence about getting clearance to travel to another country," he said.

It didn't take long before the truth revealed itself.

"There is a sucker born everyday," Moses said.

He quickly discovered the email was a fake.

"When I got down to the bottom of it, it said send $350 to this address and to a Reverend Tim and that pretty much started leading me into the direction and I looked in the upper right hand corner and there was the country symbol of Nigeria," he said.

The email tells the reader they're being contacted because they need a "Clearance Certificate" from the Department of Homeland Security. It has the FBI seal and what appears to be the signature of FBI director, Robert Mueller. And of course -- the reader must send money now!

"I sent a copy of it to the FBI and thought if I am one of those few people that travels out of the country then maybe someone else who travels out of the country gets this email too and mails in the $350 they are requesting," Moses said.

Despite the glaring red flags and constant grammatical errors -- yes, people still fall for these type scams -- Carl hopes this reminder will save people money.

"I watch all the stories on the news where they talk about most of the scams that are going on now are coming from computer hack shops out of the country of Nigeria," he added.

We contacted the FBI and it confirmed the email was a scam. The organization never sends unsolicited emails to the public. If you get one claiming to be from the FBI Director or a top official -- it's a scam. If you get one of these phony emails you can report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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