Students get new bike helmet, brain injury lessons

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- About 90 5th graders at Chimborazo Elementary in Richmond's Church Hill neighborhood are now sporting a new helmet for their bike rides this summer. This, after getting a lesson on what a brain would look like if they are not wearing a helmet.

Those 5th graders were able to see and actually hold a real person's brain. The brain came from a person that died because of a brain injury.

Now, they are geared up to make sure it doesn't happen to them. "You need to keep your brain safe because it's not cool to die," says 5th grader Torey Williams.

Williams loves to ride. But admits, a helmet isn't always on.

All it took was a quick and energetic lesson from a doctor who knows how serious a brain injury can be. "I've seen lots of people suffering their whole lives with a brain injury. Some of them who had it from when they were young and fell on a bicycle," says Dr. Paul Aravich.

He adds, all it takes is to strap on a helmet, no matter the age, to make sure your brain doesn't become an example for others.

"Once injured, all of kings horses and all of the kings men have a tough time putting him back together again," says Dr. Paul.

"You only have one brain. You need to protect it," says Richmond Police Officer Stacy Rogers. He does most of his patrolling on a bike.

He's not surprised that Richmond doesn't have a helmet law. But he says a change would be great. "We could use one for sure. We have tons of kids. We are the capital of Virginia. We should be the leader of bike safety."

He says now may be the time to get a helmet law here in Richmond. The closest city with a helmet law is in Petersburg.

If you would like to get a helmet for your child, contact Officer Rogers at 646-1211.

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