4th grader says she was assaulted by classmate in school

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - An elementary school student claims she was physically and sexually assaulted in the classroom. Now, a criminal investigation is underway.

The alleged incident happened Monday afternoon at Walnut Hill Elementary School in Petersburg. The 4th grade student who made the allegations says, she was choked and groped by a classmate.

"He came over and he started to choke me, and when he was choking me, he was humping my leg," said the little girl. Her mother asked we not reveal their identities.

The little girl says her classmate also cursed and threatened her.

"He said I'm going to (expletive) you up. You'll always be my (expletive)" said the girl.

She claims her substitute teacher was down the hall during the assault.

"He had me so tight I couldn't breathe, scream, and I couldn't hit back or anything," said the  girl.

Her mother contacted the school. She then filed a police report.

"She was supposed to be safe. School should be a safe place," said the mother of the girl.

The Petersburg Police Department confirms it's investigating the allegations. A spokesperson with the department says officers went to the school on Tuesday to interview the alleged 4th grade attacker.

NBC12 reached out to the school system for a response. A spokesperson for the school district says their is an active investigation into the allegations. The spokesperson declined to offer any additional comments.

The little girl's mother doesn't want what allegedly happen to her child to happen to another student.

"I'm not going to stay quiet. Somebody has to know so things can change - not only for my child but other children that come through the school district," she said.

For now, the girl says she's scared to go back to school.

"I probably would like to be home schooled," she said.

According to the school system's code of conduct handbook a student found guilty of hitting or touching another student inappropriately could be suspended or expelled.

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