Honoring church bookkeeper with $300

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – In the lobby of Southside Nazarene Church, Bonnie Kidd told me why she nominated quiet, shy book keeper Crystal Gardner.

"She is a precious, compassionate person. On a daily basis, not just in her job, but outside of her job, she will do anything to help another person," Bonnie said. "She would never ask for anything for herself because she just cares about people. I believe she is a person who very deserving of an act of kindness toward her. Just struggling right now like everyone in the economy is."

Sabrina Squire: "Here's $100, $200, $300."
Bonnie Kidd: "Thank you."
Sabrina Squire: "We hope it helps."
Bonnie Kidd: "I know it will. It'll be a blessing to her life today, you just don't know. So let's do it, let's do it."
Sabrina Squire: "Oh good. Ok."

Bonnie leads the way through the church offices. Down the hall and around the corner...

Bonnie Kidd: "Crystal. Are you in?"
Crystal Gardner: "Hi! Come on in."
Bonnie Kidd: "I'm fine. How are you today?
Crystal Gardner: "Good."
Bonnie Kidd: "Good to see you. They came with me today because Crystal you are always so compassionate and so caring and so concerned and so helpful for the needs of other people, so Sabrina and Matt and Channel 12 are in agreement with me that you are a person that is so deserving of an act of kindness towards you because of all you do, you know to help other people, so hold out your hand, hold out your hand, this act of kindness on behalf of Channel 12 is $100, $200, $300."

Sabrina Squire: "How do you feel?"
Crystal Gardner: "Overwhelmed."

Crystal's co-workers say she's a gentle spirit, with a quiet strength, who gives and in the process, teaches.

"Look out for some way to help others, there's always someone in worse shape than you're in," said Crystal.

"We love you. Thank you for all you do," Bonnie said.

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