Family searches for loved one

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond family is seeking your help as they search for their loved one.

They haven't seen or heard from Mark Anthony Giles, Jr. for more than a month.

On May 3, Giles worked a double shift, cashed his paycheck and was dropped off by a friend near the tennis courts in Byrd Park to walk to his nearby home.

That's the last time anyone remembers seeing him.

Richmond police have been assisting in the search but haven't come up with any significant leads.

Now, Giles' family is reaching out the to media hoping things will turn around.

Since he was carrying the cash from his paycheck, they are worried something bad may have happened.

The family is, of course, hoping to find Giles alive and well, but they say whatever the case, they need some closure.

Giles' family tells us his cell phone has been disconnected. When they went to his house, his roommate said he hasn't been there and nothing is missing from his room.

If you have any information about Mark Anthony Giles, Jr. contact Richmond police at 646-6769.

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