Man accused of abusing his elderly father, he accuses caretaker

Coretta Creighton
Coretta Creighton

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield man denies allegations he abused or neglected his elderly bedridden father and said another caretaker is to blame.

Coretta Creighton is charged with felony neglect of an incapacitated adult. She surrendered last week and is out on bond. The man's son, Ricky Wyatt, is charged with the same crime but said he had no idea.

Wyatt hasn't been arrested. He was surprised to see me asking questions about a direct indictment against him.

Wyatt said Coretta Creighton was hired to care for his 71-year-old father several years ago, but was only out for his dad's money.

Wyatt is accused of abusing his 71-year-old father, Hugh Wyatt, Junior, in January. Police tell us the elderly man called 911 saying he was tangled in his bedclothes and evidence showed dehydration and extensive bed sores.

"I wasn't aware of the indictments or anything like that. I had nothing to do with what was wrong with him," said Ricky Wyatt.

Wyatt said strokes left his father bedridden. He said in 2007, his father hired Creighton as his caretaker.

"Coretta would come and stay, would come and do - care for him in the morning, give him a bath and whatnot, and then the rest of the day I would take care of him," said Wyatt.

Wyatt said his father did alleged abuse.

"In his head he was saying that I had done something to him, but I hadn't," said Wyatt.

Wyatt said he recorded a conversation between he and his father the night before Wyatt said he called an ambulance about a sore on his leg.

"You said ma let me throw you down on the floor and hurt you and skin your legs and I did it, (You did.) You sure? (I'm positive.)"

Wyatt said it was Creighton who took advantage of his father. She surrendered last Tuesday.

But wanted nothing to do with our story.

"I didn't know when she was going down there in the morning to get him up and dressed, he was telling her no, I don't want to do it. She should have come and told me that," said Wyatt.

Wyatt said his father is now living in a Hopewell convalescent home. Coretta Creighton is expected in court tomorrow morning.

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