What Lincoln is Thinkin' - Ramblings

Here are just a few thoughts about some of the big storylines in the world of sports in early June:

Hated Busch put in tough position by legendary Childress

Featuring the world hates Kyle Busch, it seems most people have sided with Richard Childress in the "Headlock Incident." Childress attacked Busch in the garage following the truck race last Friday and punched him after getting him in a headlock.  Monday, Childress was fined $150,000, and put on probation.  Busch was not penalized, even though he is on probation for his issue at Darlington with Kevin Harvick.  While I'm the last person to discourage fighting anywhere, and would love it if there's more fisticuffs in NASCAR, I only like it when it's a fair fight.  And when a 65 year old man who's in reasonably good shape attacks you, that is not a fair fight.  Busch was put in a no-win situation.  Stand there and take it, and get beat up by a grandfather, or fight back, and be universally hated for fighting a grandfather.  Many people are comparing this incident to the Nolan Ryan-Robin Ventura fight.  For those who may not remember - in 1993, Ventura stormed the mound against a 46 year old Ryan, and got his butt beat (http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=aa1_1280296883). In that situation, Ventura went looking for a fight, so he deserved what he got.  Busch had an unwinnable, and totally unfair fight brought to him.  That's why he's the victim, and Childress should be ashamed.

USC getting stripped of football title is a ridiculous punishment

The NCAA continues to make a mockery of itself. The constant line that it straddles between a money-making machine and an academically-focused institution, has made it a confounding organization. So, you're telling me that Reggie Bush took money while he was USC, so all of those other players get punished for no reason?  When the coaches, administrators and universities get punished by what a single individual does, how does that keep players from not committing NCAA crimes in the future?  I feel bad for Jim Tressel at Ohio State.  When compared to his fellow coaches, he seems to be someone who had done things the right way. But even he couldn't keep his players from taking gifts. This system is not working right now.  The wrong people are getting punished, and those who commit crimes get off.

LeBron will never get a fair shake, and that's sort of his fault

The LeBron James haters have come out in full this season, and are out this week, saying that he's been shrinking in the Finals, because he's only scored 9 points total in the fourth quarters of all three games.  The biggest issue here is that NBA fans have believed that what makes players great is the ones that score buckets in big moments of games.  What we've seen is that there has never been a player that can do as many different things that LeBron can do.  He can defend any position, score in every way, and pass as well as anyone.  Is he as good of a scorer as Kobe in his prime? No.  Does he make the rest of team better as well as Magic? No.  Is he as clutch as Michael? No.  But, he has fewer flaws than any player ever.  My biggest problem with comparing him to Jordan is that I don't believe he has Jordan's heart.  But, should we penalize LeBron in our estimations of his game, when he's smart enough to realize that Dwyane Wade is the more clutch scorer and has a better defensive matchup in the Mavs series? I don't think we can.  Yeah, I hated the way he went about "The Decision" as everyone else, but it's time to get over it, and realize we are watching one of the top 2-3 players in the history of basketball.  Let's just enjoy it.

What are your thoughts about USC, LeBron and Childress?