5-year-old boy nearly drowns at Henrico apartment swimming pool

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - For the second time this week, a little boy in Henrico nearly drowns in an apartment swimming pool, this time a nurse jumped into action and saved a life.

The woman helped pull a 5-year-old boy from the pool at the Ritchfield Place Apartments on Grammarcy Circle, near Chamberlayne Road.

Police are investigating whether the boy had any supervision. They tell us he did not have a parent there and want to know who was supposed to be watching him.

He's recovering at VCU Medical Center. Luckily, the woman, a Certified Nurse Assistant, was there and knew what to do.

Kemi Fakulujo was wading in the pool's shallow end. But she just happened to be in the right place for a 5-year-old floating motionless on his back.

"I can't swim but I started to pull him out the water," said Fakulujo.

Kemi said she got him to the edge.

"That's when the little girl pulled him up by the arms, all the way out," said Fakulujo.

She jumped out and started CPR. She was hampered at first by something blocking his airway.

"I saw there was food in his mouth, so I tried to take as much of that out," said Fakulujo.

She yelled for someone to call for help. 13-year-old Rahsheed Burton did just that.

"I went over to  the emergency box opened it and called 911 and went over to see if he was alright," said Burton.

The boy started coughing up water and vomiting.

"He started coming back to us and was breathing harder," said Fakulujo.

Police and paramedics took over. The boy was rushed to VCU Medical Center, where Kemi works as a Certified Nurse Assistant.

"As a parent, you know the pool can be dangerous but you never expect it to happen to your own. I just really feel for the mother," said Fakulujo.

There's no lifeguard for this pool and children under 14 are supposed to be supervised.

"The family was up the hill," said Burton.

This is the second time, a little boy nearly drowned this week. On Memorial Day, an 8-year-old was rescued from the pool at the Seven Gables Apartments on North Laburnum Avenue. In that case, witnesses tell us several people worked together to revive the boy with CPR. A life-saving skill, Kemi said all parents should know.

"I encourage every parent to learn it even teach it to their children," said Fakulujo.

Police tell me if the boy wasn't under any supervision, they will get Child Protective Services involved and possible child neglect charges could then follow.

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