Simple and delicious bison burgers: Impress your guests for less

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The Silver Diner's Executive Chef Ype von Hengst shows us how to make a great bison burger. You start by setting the grill at about 370-400 degrees. It's got to be clean, so you can put a little oil on to sear the meat. It's very important that you sear the meat.

You can see that the bison is so much leaner and different colored. This comes from the new frontier farms in Madison, Virginia, so it's a local product.

You put all the spices and onions and all these things in your burger, you're changing the characteristics of the meat. He likes to have the meat speak for itself and put some flavors on the outside. Montreal seasoning-it's a mix of all kinds of spices-black pepper, coarse salt, and caraway seed.

You hear that sizzle right? That's important. Don't move it right away because you want to be able to let the caramelization do the job. The sweetness and the proteins will set. Four or five minutes total.

You always want to serve it with a pink center because that keeps the juices inside. Put a little indentation in the center, by putting an indentation, it flattens itself out again. Don't smash it.

Take a little bit of melted butter, push that over the burger. He uses unsalted butter which is sweet. Put a little A-1 over it, the A-1 gives it that great steak flavor. You want to get a little toast on the bun that so when you bite it, it has a crispness to it.

Ype uses a little bit of honey mustard. The blue cheese burger and the honey mustard are a wonderful combination because the two flavors offset one another. When it gets to about medium, you'll still have a little assistance, so the meat jumps back. And then let these blue cheese crumbles melt.

"I have the juiciest burger that you can ever eat. I would come to your house if you offer me something like this," said Ype.

Executive Chef Ype says always start with lean, grass fed meat and use bread without preservatives. He recommends you experiment with condiments and herbs you've got around the house, you might be surprised with your results.

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