Heat affecting Innsbrook Afterhours Concert

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – The heat is changing the game plan for tonight's concert at Innsbrook. Because of the hot temperatures, the Travis Tritt concert is starting 15 minutes later. People can also bring two bottles of water.

Dagny Meadows love Travis Tritt so much she's willing to sizzle.

"We've got our chairs up front. We're good," she said.

She and her friend got here before 11 this morning.

"Actually, I probably shouldn't be here because I've got a sinus infection, but I couldn't miss it. It's hot. It's hot out here," said Ann Knighton from Montpelier.

Organizer Laurin Willis is keeping an eye on the ladies, and his men who wipe off every few seconds.

Melissa Correa: "What are they saying about the heat so far today?"
Laurin Willis: "I don't think we can say on TV what they're saying about the heat today."

In place today, the usual plan when it's hot outside.

"We'll have the misting trucks up here," said Willis. "People can bring two, still sealed, bottles of water;  up to 24 ounces each."

Doctor Ken Lucas says sunburn is the most common heat-related injury. People should also limit their alcohol consumption, since beer leaves the body quicker than water.

"And they may have a little bit of headache.  They may feel a little bit of nausea.  And they may have a little bit of muscle cramps," Dr. Lucas said.

Uber fan Dagny isn't worried. She's here for the music. The Henrico Fire Department is sending extra crews out here tonight.

Doors will open at 6 p.m., but the concert is pushed back 15 minutes, so it will start at 6:45. Wear loose clothing, bring two sealed bottles of water, and sunscreen isn't a bad idea.

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