Heat affecting the way people work out at Byrd Park

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- With the intense heat we are seeing today, many people are changing their workout habits. We caught up with some people at Byrd Park this morning to see what else they are doing to keep cool.

The rays are beating down at full force. Even in the shade... it's hot. So hot a lone water fountain isn't so lonely today at Byrd Park and the left over Gatorade bottles are scattered about.

But there are some dedicated runners, hitting the paths and sweating bullets.

"I run out here every day and today is by far the worst," said Darrick Morris.

He did cut his workout down a little today. "I came out earlier and I have a hydration pack on me that way it keep me hydrated."

Darrick also noticed a lot of people are cutting out their workout completely today. He says the trails are pretty empty.

But Monique Parker is one dedicated woman. She's not cutting back at all. "I'll be back this evening! I have a goal!"

Although she admits she did come out earlier today because of the heat.

But one crew we saw at the park today is stuck out in the intense heat. "All day long. If you don't have to be out here don't and drink plenty of water," says Tim Brown.

In fact, they have another trick up their sleeves that sure sounds good. "Try to find a good tree. Just like we are doing right now."

A lot of people were wearing lighter colored clothing too. Just another way to avoid getting hotter.

It's not a day to avoid the sweat. In fact we asked Darrick what he thought about being interviewed, after sweating so much. "No, no especially when you're on TV. I want to reach out but I don't know how that works for the camera," he said.

But a day like this, wiping that sweat away on camera, is perfectly cool.

AAA is also reporting an increase in the number of people breaking down on the side of the road and several car batteries dead. So, you'll want to check your car when head out, too.

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