Little girl calls 911 during house fire

PRINCE GEORGE, VA (WWBT) - A second grader is being hailed a hero after dialing 911 during a late night fire that destroyed her home.

Firefighters say the little girl was calm and clear while speaking with dispatch. Her quick thinking helped responders get to the fire. This all happened in the 2700 block of River Road in Prince George County.

There isn't much left of the home 9-year-old, Brenda Lamkin, shared with her family. The fire devoured most of the house. During all of the chaos Brenda managed to stay calm and call  for help.

Brenda is your average 2nd grader who did something quite extraordinary.

"We had to get out the house," she said.

Brenda and her grandfather were watching TV in their home Monday night when it caught fire. Heavy smoke soared from the attic.

"I was taking water and throwing it up there. I was just trying to save the house," said Richard Shackleford, Brenda's Grandfather.

While Shackleford tried to put out the fire - Brenda grabbed his cell phone and dialed 911. NBC12 obtained a copy of the recording.

Dispatcher: "Emergency 9-1-1."
Brenda: "Hello."
Dispatcher: "Hello."
Brenda: "Can you come out here right quick because our house is on fire."
Dispatcher: "Your house is on fire?"
Brenda: "2700 River Road."
Dispatcher: "Is everybody out of the house?"
Brenda: "Yeah."
Dispatcher: "Okay, what's your name?"
Brenda: "Brenda."
Dispatcher: "And tell me again - you said your house is on fire?"
Brenda: "Yeah."

Firefighters call Brenda's swift actions and calmness on the phone, remarkable. They say she was key in helping responders get to the blaze.

"They were able to get the call in quickly and get it dispatched quickly which allowed our guys and gals to arrive on the scene quick and make a better stop of the fire," said Andy Aigner, Director of Prince George Fire & EMS

When NBC12  met up with Brenda -- she didn't want to talk about the fire. Instead, she showed off her new shoes that light-up and pointed out the sparkles in her pink skirt.

Brenda's family calls her a brave little girl and firefighters agree.

The house  fire has been ruled accidental. Investigators say the cause is electrical. As for Brenda and her family they're being assisted by the Red Cross.

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