Trooper & sheriff's deputy exchange gunfire

MONTGOMERY, VA (WWBT) - We are learning new details tonight about a shoot-out between two Virginia lawmen, at a truck stop in Montgomery County. It happened around noon Monday just off of Interstate 81 at the Ironto exit, where a state trooper exchanged gunfire with a Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy, who authorities say shot & killed his ex-wife at a convenience store in Roanoke this morning.

EMT's performing CPR on Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy, 32-year-old Jonathan Agee at this point, near death, after a shoot-out with a state police. The deputy was pulled over by State Trooper Matt Brannock in connection with a murder that had happened just minutes earlier. The deputy opened fire, striking Trooper Brannock in the leg. But because of the holiday, there were many state police patrolling I-81 Monday and Agee was cornered by just one exit away.

"Deputy Agee left that particular location and preceded here to the ramp behind us - where he engaged two other members of the state police, they exchanged gunfire. Mr. Agee was shot and is currently at Roanoke Memorial Hospital," said Virginia State Police Col. Steve Flaherty.

Minutes before the shoot-out an eyewitness claims to have seen Deputy Agee at the wheel of his marked Franklin Co. sheriff's cruiser, follow another car into a Sheetz convenience store in Roanoke. Then exit his car with a rifle in his hand.

"Mr. Agee exited his marked Franklin Co. Sheriff's Department vehicle, brandished a rifle, and shot Mrs. Agee multiple times on the parking lot," said Roanoke Police Department Chief Chris Perkins.

At the time of her death, the victim's child was in the car. Both the trooper and deputy are in Roanoke Memorial Hospital tonight. Their conditions aren't being released.

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