Loud noise complaints about Shockoe nightclub sparks petition

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Turn it down! That's what some people who live in Shockoe Bottom are demanding from one night club, so they can get some shut eye.

They're so fed up with MoFauzy's Lounge on East Main and 19th streets they've started a petition to get the courts involved.

One man said he can hear live music and DJ's overnight in his bedroom more than a block away from the club. He started the petition one week ago which now has more than 50 signatures. I took his complaint to the club's owner.

Jon Carpenter said he just wants a good night's sleep.

"I've got another six months on my lease so I can't go anywhere and I can't take another six months of this," Carpenter said.

He said what he deals with is loud noise Thursdays through Sundays until 2 a.m. He said the noise is coming from MoFauzy's, just over a block from his loft.

"I have no windows that face the outside. (And you can still hear it?) It sounds like they're in my bed beside me," Carpenter said.

His complaints on Twitter didn't get much done.

"Neighbors have called police and tried to get them to turn the volume down," he said.

He started a petition.

"It seems to me a lot of people have been bothered," Carpenter said.

I took the noise complaint to MoFauzy's owner, Aisha Farooque.

"We're not breaking any laws. Any time they've come over here and complained we've turned the music down," Farooque said.

Richmond's noise ordinance was deemed unconstitutional last November.

"This is an entertainment district. Basically, I feel like if you're going to live down here, you're going to accept the noise," Farooque said.

Carpenter's petition is based on a Virginia code about public nuisances. It calls for a judge to empanel a special grand jury if five or more people come forward with a complaint. Carpenter's petition has more than 50.

The panel would only investigate what constitutes a public nuisance. Which according to our legal analyst, is more than just an annoyance, it must interfere with public health.

"All I want to do is be able to have a nice night's sleep. I don't care if they have a good time. That's any body's business. I just want to be able to enjoy my life as well," Carpenter said.

In Richmond, noise levels are measured where the complaint is made, not at the source of the noise. I asked Richmond police for the number of noise complaints regarding MoFauzy's. But they couldn't get the information to me on this night.

City council could discuss a revised noise ordinance next month.

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