Drivers to blame for accidents at busy Chesterfield intersection

CHESTERFIELD (WWBT) -  It is an intersection that is among the most dangerous in Chesterfield County. The corner of West Hundred Road and Jefferson Davis Highway is a frequent spot for fender benders and car crashes that lead to serious injuries.

Traffic experts believe the only people that can make this busy intersection safe, are the people behind the wheel.

It is where two major highways, Route 1 and Route 10 converge. It creates a massive flow of traffic filled with cars, trucks, and people, and all of them in a rush. It is an urgency that leads to serious danger.

"It's better to be late than never get there," said Kevin Theriault a forensic scientist who reconstructs traffic accidents for a living.

Too many people ignore his advice and their mistakes lead to big headlines. Like an accident from early May that lead to 11 people being hurt and a van flipping over.

That accident was just one among many.

In 2008 40 different accidents took place at that intersection. It jumped to 61 in 2009, making it the most dangerous thoroughfare in the county.

The crash number fell to 41 in 2010, but it was still number 2 on the list of dangerous Chesterfield intersections.  Despite the statistics, Theriault doesn't believe much needs to be fixed.

"Really this intersection isn't all that dangerous," he said.

Theriault reconstructs accidents for a living, in most cases the accidents can be traced back to drivers being too aggressive or not paying attention.

"They are in a hurry to get somewhere they want to beat that red light and that is where we get the conflict and the crashes," he said.

In fact, you don't need to be at the corner of Route 1 and Route 10 for very long to see that type of reckless driving right away. In an hour and half we found countless examples of cars speeding, cutting other drivers off and of course, running red lights.

Theriault has reconstructed crashes that have caused thousands of dollars in damage and even death. In intersections like these, deadly crashes come from a combination of driver mistakes.

"Because the vehicle is not going slow at that point it is traveling at a highway speed of 45 miles an hour and that is where the major injuries would come from the high speed of the collision," he said.

And until drivers decide to take responsibility, things at the corner of Jeff Davis and West Hundred Road, won't change.

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