Wedding insurance covers losses

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The average cost of a wedding is $27,000 and so many things can go wrong. Photographers, caterers, and cake makers could be no-shows. Wedding insurance can help protect you from losing your money.

"It looks like they took them to the one-hour photo mart and had them printed," said Kim Brinker, showing photos of what she laughs about now of her "disaster wedding." The videographer forgot the film, her officiant canceled, and her reception hall was double booked.

"Our invitations are out, the directions to the reception hall, everything is set. It was just panic," Brinker said.

Add to that a bridesmaid sprained her ankle. "We were walking and she stepped in a hole that was on the reception site," she explained.

Brinker managed to pull off the wedding anyway, but brides can buy wedding insurance. Richmond's Markel Insurance says it covers the cost of having to reschedule, lost or damaged photos, rings, and clothes, or if a vendor cancels.

Said Timberlee Grove, Chief Operating Officer of Markel Specialty, "Your wedding cake creator may go out of business days before and maybe you had already put your deposit down and you need to go somewhere else and pay an up charge because it's last minute."

You can also buy liability insurance for property damage at the site, injuries, or if someone drinks too much and causes an accident.

The most common question people ask about wedding insurance is "Does it cover cold feet?" What happens if a bride or groom is left at the alter?

"It does not cover cold feet, so our thought there is it isn't really. It probably gives some adverse selection. If there's something that isn't quite right, and you buy that insurance, you kind of know," Grove answered.

For those with warm feet, the average cost of wedding insurance is $75 to $500. But it can give you priceless peace of mind.

And Brinker says, insurance or not, a wedding disaster does not foreshadow a bad marriage. "If you had asked me when I was 12, I would have said yes, my wedding day was a disaster. But we've been married ten years and it's great. We keep saying we'd do it again."

Only a small percentage of U.S. couples buy wedding insurance. But 50 percent of couples in Great Britain buy it for their weddings.

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