Chesterfield shooting death

Gordon "G.T." Ragland
Gordon "G.T." Ragland

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A domestic dispute turns deadly Monday morning in Chesterfield County. Police say the victim, 41-year-old Gordon Ragland, was found dead in 13800 block of Buck Rub Drive  -- that's in the Deer Run neighborhood.

The victim, also known as G.T., was shot once in the upper chest. He was found lying in the street. G.T's ex-girlfriend says he showed up at her house uninvited and upset.

The ex-girlfriend asked we not reveal her identity. She says G.T. couldn't handle their break-up.

"He was obsessed with me and I broke-up with him. He said I was his true love and he couldn't get over it," said the former girlfriend.

She says G.T. came to her home unannounced and kicked the door open. The pair got into a domestic dispute that spilled into the street. At some point police say the ex-girlfriend's neighbor came out of his home, shot, and killed G.T.

"He was defending me and himself. That's all I want to say," said the former girlfriend.

Friends of G.T. say he was a good guy who never hurt anyone.

"He's never laid a hand on her. He's never harmed her," said Michael Kersey.

Kersey has known G.T. for 7 years and considers him family.

"I could trust him with my 3-year-old -- that's the kind of trust I had in him,"  he added.

Kersey says G.T. didn't deserve to be shot dead in the street.

"What gave him the right to do that? G.T.was in the road," said Kersey.

Another friend calls the shooting unjustified. She describes G.T. as a hard worker who was always willing to lend a hand.

"He always made you laugh. He'd do anything you asked him too. I could be cutting my grass across the street and he'd come over and take it from me -- that's just the type of guy he was," said Mary Tush.

G.T's ex-girlfriend says she's sorry things ended this way. At this point police aren't saying what exactly prompted the shooting.

No charges have been filed. Police say they're working to determine if the shooter's actions were justified.

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