Police Investigating Suspicious Scene Near Surry Power Plant

SURRY COUNTY, Va. (WWBT) -- Right now, the Virginia Marine Police, along with several other agencies, are looking into a suspicious situation. Police say a man has a chain around his neck which is attached to a black box in the middle of the James River in between Ft. Eustis and the Surry Nuclear Power Plant.

This is happening in the middle of the James River.

VA Marine Police tell us this all happened around 7 this morning. We're told crews do not know why the man is on a 9 foot inflatable boat with the chain and box. Crews have tried to talk to the man on the boat, who is in his mid-30's, but crews say he is pretty disoriented.

The Coast Guard, along with State Police, the bomb squad, tactical team and other emergency crews are on scene.

Nicole Bell is heading out to the scene now. She'll bring you updates as soon as they become available.