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What to do for your loved one when they have progressed from Assisted living to needing Nursing Home Care?

1. Nursing home care is not necessarily offered by all assisted living providers.  The assisted living facility may decide that they are no longer able to care for your loved one.  At that time, the stress on both the resident and the care giver are great.  The provider may be able to provide care through all stages, but some do not and you may find that you need to relocate your loved one and search for a new facility.  This is an important consideration when evaluating your choices for Assisted Living.  The Virginia Department of Health Web site can help in researching facility options and quality.  Make sure that you know in advance whether the facility provides all level of care or not. 

2. It is important to consider the care needs your loved one may have if they should need a nursing home, and not just what they need today.  That may include:

a. Rehabilitation Services
i. Physical. Occupational and Speech Therapies
ii. Social workers on staff
iii. Recreational Therapists on staff
iv. Staffing ratios
v. Professional level of experience
1. RNs versus LPNs
vi. Open Visitation Hours
vii. Pleasant atmosphere including cleanliness and lack of foul odors

b. Set up an appointment and tour the facility.

c. Come in at unannounced times or do a walk-in to see if they might be available show you around.

d. Ask permission to speak with a resident to see if they might be able to provide you with a testimonial.

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