Changes possibly coming to airport security

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- Some changes could be coming to the way you go through security at the nations airports. But, right now, it is all talk.

Nearly 2 million people walk through the airport security lines across the nation everyday.

Some of them are tuck going through the patdowns and body scanners, that have recently made national headlines.

But travelers at Richmond International Airport, like the security in place now. "I'm glad I can get to places safe. Do I really want people to touch me all over the place? Not necessarily, but if it's to make sure I'm going to get to where I need to go, I'll accept it," says Bascom Smith.

"Sometimes and in the case of children, they can be intimidating and that can be uncomfortable," says Gwendolyn Wyche.

The Transportation Security Administration has heard that before. But soon you may not always have to go through those patdowns. Among a list of changes being looked at, include allowing frequent and known travelers to go through a background check and end up in a shorter security line.

Bascom Smith would qualify. "Whatever makes it easier, I wouldn't mind! Do whatever it takes to keep me safe."

That's exactly what TSA leaders are thinking, too. They stress these changes will not lax security, but rather put the resources where the biggest risk is.

Leaders at RIC have not heard of any changes coming to the airport anytime soon. But TSA leaders say typically changes like this are tested at some locations first, before the big roll out.

Just what Gwendolyn would like to hear. "Keep them the way they are for now. But, maybe test drive something different before we just change it."

No official changes have been made yet. When there are changes, the big question will be how the TSA will roll out the changes nationwide.

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