Explosive device used to blow-up mailbox in Prince George County

PRINCE GEORGE, VA (WWBT) - A crime alert out of Prince George County where police are looking for the person who used an explosive device to blow-up a mailbox.

It happened Tuesday morning in the 4400 block of Red Gate Drive. The owner of the residential mailbox, Michelle Talbert, is ticked-off.

"It's really concerning that someone would go to the extent of doing something like this," said Talbert.

Someone put a homemade bomb, laced with food and feces, in her fish-shaped mailbox.

"The mailbox was blown into pieces. We had pieces by the fence and there were pieces by the stop sign," said Talbert.

The mailbox exploded around five o'clock Tuesday morning -- just as Talbert's husband was heading to work.

"This could cause major harm or injury to someone. I have a child that's in a wheelchair - what if we were going for a walk and got injured," she said.

Talbert is concerned for the safety of her family.

"This time it's a mailbox -- what's next? Could it be closer to my home, my vehicle, could it be on front of my door?" said Talbert.

Police say, using bottle bombs to blow-up mailboxes is no laughing matter. In fact it's a felony that could turn into a federal case.

"The bottle will swell to the size of a basketball then rupture. You're dealing with chemicals that create an acetic compound that can not only burn you but cause you to go blind if you get it in your eyes," said Prince George County Police Detective Nick Wilder.

As for Talbert she wants the person responsible for blowing up her mailbox behind bars.

"I just hope who did this doesn't do it to anyone else," said Talbert.

If you have any information that can help investigators contact Crime Solvers at 733-2773.

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