Seven weeks after house explosion, debris remains

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – The Henrico home that exploded in spectacular fashion still hasn't been cleaned up.

The night of March 30 when the house on Yahley Mill Road blew up, sending debris raining down from the sky. Seven weeks later, neighbors are concerned about a new problem festering.

Squirming in that standing water, mosquito larvae and other insects are ready to emerge from what used to be a gutter.

The gutter used to be part of a half-million dollar house, which is now just a pile of rubble. And the fact that the pile is still here seven weeks later, is a big problem for the big man named Hawk who lives next door.

"We're wondering when all of this is gonna go? Because the grass is starting to get high and it's starting to become a haven for copperheads and blacksnakes," said Hawk Hughes.

ANDY: "Has anything made you just wanna clean this up yourself, or is it too big of a job?"

HAWK: "Actually, I can't really walk on the property."

And that's the thing.

Because it's private property, it's the homeowners' problem. But they haven't been heard from since they moved out long before the explosion. Meanwhile, county fire investigators say they're waiting on an insurance company to release the property.

Frustrating, to neighbors like Frank Baze.

"There have been a lot of investigations. We've seen a lot of people out there. I would think that, by now, any  information that they would need to gather they would have by now," Baze said.

So, for now, it will stay like this. A reminder of an awful explosion, and of more problems to come.

"It was a once beautiful house before that horrific night. But now it's really starting to become an eyesore," said Hughes.

So what caused this entire house to blow up?  Fire investigators still don't have any new information. It remains under investigation. They're waiting on a state lab to help determine what caused the blast, but there's no timetable for when those findings will be released.

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