Father of murder victim dies

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A Henrico family, already devastated by a loved one's murder, now must deal with a double tragedy.  The father, who gave a tearful plea to get justice for his son, who was shot outside a club in Richmond, passed away this weekend.  Loved ones said he died of a broken heart.

Michael Brown Sr. passed away two months to the day his 20-year-old son succumbed to his injuries.  Family members explained in his unending grief, he stopped taking care of himself.

The father's tearful appeal back in March broke hearts across the city.

"He has stolen me," he sobbed.  "He was my best, my very best and for him to be gone like this, it doesn't make sense.  And I want him off the streets."

Det. Rick Edwards was with Brown the night he was told his son wouldn't survive and has met with him every week since.  Loved ones said in that time, Brown's health problems, including diabetes, deteriorated.

"I think you can't quantify the amount of stress that he was under when he was going through this," Edwards said.  "Even as of last week, he was just broken."

He never recovered.  While his son was out celebrating his birthday, he was gunned down on the street. Edwards explained someone opened fire into Michael Brown Jr.'s group of friends after a confrontation inside Club Aurora.  The 20-year-old was not the target.

Edwards has received a number of tips since our story aired in March.

"It's one thing for the police to come out and see the public but Michael Sr. put a face on Michael Jr.," he said.

Monday, police repeated their call for any new pieces to this tragic puzzle.

"Just come forward and help give us some closure for this family that's suffered a double tragedy," Edwards pleaded.

Police said the man who shot Brown is black with a light complexion, slim to medium build with wavy short hair and distinctive gaps between his teeth. He was wearing a shirt with a Levi logo on it the night of the shooting.

There is a $6,000 reward for information, including $5,000 from Club Aurora.

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