More than a dozen vehicles break-ins in West End

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A crime alert in Henrico County, where overnight someone broke into more than a dozen cars in one neighborhood.

It happened in the West End, in an area along Forest Avenue.

Police say most car break-ins are crimes of opportunity and this series seems to be no different. Thieves took everything from a woman's wallet to someone's roller skates without neighbors noticing.

Henrico Police were back on the scene Monday talking with neighbors that lost items from their cars overnight. So far police know of sixteen cars that were targeted.

Neil Stevens is one of the lucky ones. He wasn't missing anything out of his Ford Bronco. He's lived in this neighborhood for a few years and said this is the first crime he's heard about.

"I've never seen anything," Stevens said.  "Never seen any vandalism, anything like that happen so far. It's pretty surprising that this has been happening in a big hit like it happened last night."

Several of the cars broken into were left unlocked.  Even though it's a quiet neighborhood, he leaves his car locked because of cases like this.

"People are in a hurry sometimes, especially when taking in groceries," he said.  "It's usually one of the biggest things. I forget sometimes but I always come back out and lock it up."

Some residents have lived here for decades and say they've never seen any crime in this neighborhood before, so they didn't feel any need to keep their doors locked at night.

Erin Hensley also caught a lucky break. She says she often forgets to lock her car, but she wasn't home last night when her neighbors were hit.

"It's really very shocking," Hensley said.  "I really can't believe they hit that many in a short amount of time."

She said she's going to change her ways and lock her car more often after this series of break-ins.

"You wouldn't expect people to do stuff like that, especially in a quiet neighborhood," she said.  "But sometimes folks get desperate."

Police are still investigating how many cars were involved in this series of break-ins and how many of these cars that may have been unlocked.

If you have any information that could help investigators, you're asked to call Henrico Police at 501-5000.

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