Richmond prepares to pave streets all over city

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Have you hit one too many potholes in the city this spring? Richmond's just put out its annual list of repaving projects.  Did your road make the cut?

The pothole blitz is on, but for some city roads that's not enough...They need a total makeover. Bobby Vincent oversees paving in the city, and has just put out the new list of which roads will be getting a new top coat.

Portions of 23 city streets made the cut this year. The city will be finishing brook road from Laburnum to Brookland Park. Hitting up Ellwood from Thompson to the Boulevard. The largest paving project will be 17 miles of lanes in the Westover area.

"We're going to be coming into the neighborhoods taking care of the potholes. Taking care of any indentations within the pavement and then we'll be coming through and putting down a slurry application over time," said Vincent.

The city's budgeted about $4.6 million for paving. In 2010 public works rated all 1800 plus lane miles of roads in the city for damage, traffic volume and utility cuts.  The streets were put in order of importance for paving, but the list is not set in stone, and roads can be added.

"There are times when people call in and say well take a look at this street and we go out and we take a look at it and we say you know what we need to go ahead and do this street," said Sharon North with Public Works.

How's the street in your neighborhood? Do you need to get it on the paving list, or do you just need a pothole fixed?

You can call 311 and talk to folks at Public Works.

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