Two brothers hit in accident, driver flees

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Police are looking for the driver that hit two brother leaving one dead and the other injured.

Two cars hit the brothers while they were trying to cross Brook Road Saturday night around midnight.

A grieving family's is trying to piece together the accident.

Lois Burnett, a sister of the brothers just wants some information about the fatal hit-and-run, "I plead for anyone out there that knows anything to do with this at all to please come forward."

Earl Eacho, 46, of the 700 block of Dinwiddie Avenue died after being hit.  His family called him Mark. He apparently stepped off the curb to cross the street when an SUV hit him, and kept going.

Mark's brother, Norman, hunched over to help Mark and another car hit them both.

Police say the first vehicle was a dark, older model Jeep Cherokee or Isuzu SUV; the second driver stopped to speak with officers.

According to the family, the accident is the latest struggle in what have been difficult lives.

Mark was living on the streets and relatives say both drank too much.

Norma Ward describes her brothers as good people who didn't deserve this, "I tell you what Mark was homeless, but it doesn't give someone the right to run him over and to keep running."

The Eacho's lost another sibling in a car accident years ago. This tragic twist of fate brings back bad memories.

Burnett say people should pay more attention when they're driving, "it makes you scared to want to cross the street. People are not being aware of what they're doing. It's ridiculous."

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