Reaction to Ricky Gray's scheduled execution date

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It was a killing rampage that devastated our community five years ago. People close to the Harvey family murders are reacting to news that the execution date has been set for one of the killers, Ricky Gray. He's set to die June 16th.

In Richmond's Woodland Heights neighborhood, people don't talk much about the murders. Those who did speak with me are still angered and want the state to follow through with Gray's death sentence.

Steve Tarrant doesn't mince words when talking about condemned killer Ricky Gray.

"I want the b**** executed. I wanted the other guy executed also, but that wasn't the sentence," said Tarrant.

Tarrant lives across from the home on West 31st Street where Bryan and Kathryn Harvey lived and died with their two little girls, Ruby and Stella.

Memories of the brutality that happened there are just as fresh as on that warm New Year's Day in 2006.

"I saw the bodies carried out," said Tarrant.

Nearly a week later on East Broad Rock Boulevard, the killing spree continued with the murders of Percyell Tucker, his wife Mary and their daughter, Ashley Baskerville, who was an accomplice in the Harveys' murder.

Gray is on death row. His accomplice, Ray Dandridge, is serving a life sentence. Gray's June execution date could be stayed, if his lawyer files an appeal in federal court.

"Stay of execution oh yeah, but I think eventually he'll be executed. I hope he will be," said Tarrant.

About a year after the Harvey murders, a family moved into the home. People new to the area tell me the neighborhood is protective.

"Our neighborhood is way more vigilant," said Erick Krigsvold.

People here have moved on, but will never forget.

"It's something you drive by the house, you remember," said one man who wanted to remain anonymous.

"I see friends and neighbors, (you don't see the darkness) No, there are no ghosts. There our neighbors have laid those to rest," said Tarrant.

Gray's attorney reportedly intends to file an appeal in federal court. No word on how long the appeals process will take.

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