Thousands of bees swarm a Chesterfield man's apartment

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – Hundreds, if not thousands, of bees swarmed a Chesterfield man's apartment forcing an evacuation. The funny thing is, the man knew the bees were there, but had no idea just how many!

David Brakke didn't think the hive was as big as it was, and over the years it just kept getting bigger in between the drywall of his apartment. Thankfully he didn't get any bright ideas and try to check it out himself.

Only a few bees were still buzzing their way into a hole outside of this Chesterfield apartment building tonight. That hole leads inside an apartment where they've made a home for the past three years.

"We've always lived with these bees," said Brakke. "This is our third summer in this apartment and we've always known that the bees have been around."

Brakke and his neighbors were finally tired of getting swarmed.

"I've been stung once or twice," he said.

And with help from their apartment complex, exterminators were called in. They gassed the inside of their home, killing the bees before trying to remove the hive.

"They've torn up the ceiling and you can probably see up here the outline of where the hive was," said Brakke. "It went all the way from the base of this pipe probably about here."

Brakke soon found out the little bee hive was much bigger than originally thought. Two industrial sized trash cans were filled with the honeycombs extracted from the hive above his dining room ceiling.

"Neither my wife or I are allergic to bees so like I said it hasn't really been that much of an issue," said Brakke.

Now all that's left are the dead bees littering the ground outside his home. A tarp surrounding the area where the bee hive was serves as a reminder of the winged roommates he once lived with.

Brakke told NBC12 only a few bees would make it into his house every so often. His cat even got stung once. He's thankful the problem is now over and these bees didn't attack him or his wife causing a more serious problem.

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