Gloucester mother claims she loved caged child

A young Gloucester County mother accused of killing one of her children and neglecting another is not the monster the press has made her out to be.

That message today, from her attorney, who claims the whole story has yet to be told.

Shannon Gore's 6-year-old daughter was found starving and caged in her own waste.

Another child's remains were found buried underneath a shed on their property, and may have been since 2007.

But Shannon's attorney says he has evidence that his client had a loving relationship with the child -- but because of the little girl's mental illness -- she had to be restrained.  As for the body found under the shed?

"Based on the evidence and until someone shows us some forensic evidence otherwise I believe at this point that child died of natural causes," said defense attorney Ron Smith.

Shannon's husband, Brian, faces the same charges.  There are some questions as to whether he is the biological father of the disabled girl.

Both Brian and Shannon have been moved to isolation in the Norfolk jail for what deputies describe as their own protection.