More animals attacked on Hanover farm

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - A kangaroo is near death after a brutal dog attack at the same Hanover County farm where several animals were mauled to death just a few months ago.

"Roo" is slowly recovering under the watchful eye of its owner who witnessed Tuesday's attack by four dogs.

Authorities believe the same dogs are responsible for February's animal killings. Two are now in animal control custody.

When I first met Roo three months ago, he was standing up against his pen, now he's either hunched over or lying on the ground in a fight to recover from a brutal dog attack witnessed by his owner.

Once again, Jana Strickland is nursing back to health a beloved pet, but stress alone could kill her 15-year-old kangaroo.

"There's two holes on his chest; his one toe is nearly ripped off," said Strickland.

Strickland said she watched in horror as four dogs, including three pit bull mixes and a smaller toy dog, savagely attacked "Roo."

"He's confrontational. He probably went right up to the fence and stuck his chest out," said Strickland.

Her own dogs alerted her to a violent struggle outside her barn.

"I thought they were ripping him apart," said Strickland.

The same duck, blinded in one eye from an attack at Strickland's farm three months ago, was injured again. Back then, Strickland's fallow deer and two goats were killed. Roo was untouched.

Hanover Animal Control tells me Tuesday's attack is consistent with the previous maulings and believe the same dogs are responsible.

Animal Control said two dogs were found at a home about a mile away. The owner was charged with running at large. But could face a dangerous animal charge.

After the first attack, Strickland placed wiring along the pen's fence to keep out predators.

"This was pulled back all the way to like that," said Strickland.

She believes Hanover's leash law, which runs from April to June, needs to be year round.

"These dogs need to be turned over to animal control," said Strickland.

Her $500 reward still stands.

Two dogs are being held in isolation at Hanover Animal Control.

As officers search for the other two, animal owners like Strickland as well as other live stock owners in the area are on guard.

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