Poll shows conflicting moods for Virginia voters

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It is an interesting snap shot of what the people of the Virginia are thinking ahead of a major election year. A new poll from the Washington Post asks some crucial questions about the state of the commonwealth and its leaders.

It reveals that for the most part, Virginians are pretty split on some of the biggest issues and the people in charge.

It's clear the Old Dominion remains a swing state. Voters give high marks to both republicans and democrats.

Governor Bob McDonnell, a republican is the most popular politician in the state with a 62% approval rating.

But not far behind is a democrat- Senator Mark Warner who is liked by 61% of the commonwealth.

And also enjoying solid numbers? The current president, Barack Obama, a democrat, has an approval rating of 55%.

So it is not a surprise that when asked to pick a favorite in the race for U.S. Senate, the state is split down the middle, both George Allen and Tim Kaine receives 46% of the potential vote.

Virginia voters also are very split on one of the most controversial issues of the day gay marriage.

More people believe it is okay 47%, but 43% still believe it should be illegal.

There is more support for adoption by gay couples, currently not allowed in Virginia, but 55 percent believe it should be.

Voters are split on the direction of the country versus the direction of the nation. 52% percent believe the commonwealth is headed in the right direction, but 65% are concerned the nation as a whole is on the wrong track.

All of these conflicting results are an example of the key decisions that will be made by candidates and voters, ahead of a critical election year.

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